My analog vision

“It is about capturing the moment just as it is”

When I first started taking photos, I used an “old” digital SLR camera. And it was fun for a while.
But everything changed when I found an old Agfa camera in a fleemarked. I remembered my father taking analog photographs and I bought the camera just for the fun of it.

My excitement grew and I am now the proud owner of a small collection of different analog cameras.

In my analog photographs I am aiming at capturing the moment just as it is. I am not using photoshop or any other kind of digital manipulation to make my pictures “better”.
The only manipulation I use is that of choosing the film, the camera and the chemicals used to process the negatives. Everything else is up to faith, weather, concentration and my trigger finger.

The boring part
Currently I am taking my Bachelor’s degree in English at Copenhagen University.
Also, I’m doing freelance work for Magasinet Kunst.

I am a qualified multimedia designer and I have taken courses in art history at the public university of Copenhagen.
I was webmaster, information and communications employee at Kunstmesse.dk for two years.
Do feel free to visit my art blog at exploreartwithme.wordpress.com

Want to use my pictures?
You are welcome to use my pictures, but please, let me know where you will be using them and for what purpose.
Give me a chance to agree.
And feel free to credit me!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Heh fine billde du laver… Syntes at liquid emulsion lyde spændende. Ved du om der ligger noge god info på youtube elle andre steder på nettet? Vh mikkel

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